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Northern United Soccer Club

Mountain Mayhem Tournament Fees:

  • $550 - U16/18 
  • $550 - U14
  • $425 - U12
  • $375 - U10
  • $350 - U8  (or $175 per squad of approx. 4 players on the field)*

Early bird discount of $35/team for those teams registered by April 10th.

* Most U8 teams consist of 2 squads. If a club desires to register just one U8 squad or an odd number of squads, we have included an option for doing so. If applicable, be sure to register that one squad separately under the $175 option. All other teams that consist of 2 U8 squads can use the full team option for $350.

Please note: 
Please note our older division is a combined division (U16/18) which will include any team with players U15 through U18. 

Important Dates

2022 Tournament Dates

May 14th - Tournament day

February 1st - Registration opens

April 10th - Early bird discount ends - full price effective this date

April 15th - Last day to request a refund

May 5th - Registration closes 

2022 Tournament

Tournament Sponsors

2022 Tournament Sponsors:

  • Chase Sports
  • Errbessd Reliability           
  • GF Assco.  
  • GF Rotary
  • Rasp
  • IBS  
  • Whiteman’s
  • Enpac
  • Stewart’s 
  • Askco
  • Kyle Co. 

Previous Tourney's Sponsors: